Bachelor of Education (TESL) with Honours

Programme Synopsis

The Bachelor of Education with Honours (TESL) comprises subjects from both the education and English language fields. Students are required to accumulate 120 credit hours in order to graduate.

The curriculum focuses on three main components:

  • development of the foundations of education and pedagogical knowledge;
  • enhancement of curriculum and pedagogical knowledge in TESL; and
  • improvement of knowledge in English language and TESL.

The intergrated approach of the curriculum is designed to improve student's knowledge, skills and attitude so as to enable him/her to stimulate pupil's intellectual interest in English language learning and acquisition and guide them towards academic success in school.

Programme Director

Tel (Office) : 603 27732563
Email :

Normal Entry

Passed SPM/SPMV/MCE or equivalent with 2 credits; AND
Passed STPM/HSC or equivalent with at least 2 principals (CGPA 2.00); OR
Passed a recognized Diploma; OR
Passed a recognized Matriculation certficate; OR
Passed a Teaching certificate from teacher training college; OR
Passed a Polytechnic certificate; OR
Other equivalent qualifications recognized by the Government.


APEL Admission

More than 21 years of age on 1 January in the year of application; AND
Relevant work experience / prior experiential learning; AND
Pass the APEL Assessment (Aptitude Test & Portfolio) conducted by OUM

* Registration Fee and Matric Card included into 1st semester Special 50% Discount for Senior Citizens aged 60 years and above & OKU Note

  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Sem 1 RM1854 RM2472 RM1854 RM1854 RM1854
Sem 2 RM1854 RM1854 RM1854 RM1854 -
Sem 3 RM1854 RM1854 RM1854 RM1854 -
Total RM24,720


  • Financial Options: PTPTN, EPF (account 2), Study Loan from commercial banks, Easy and Flexible Installment Scheme (0% interest), HRDF Fund
  • Payment Modes: Internet Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, Postal/Money Order.
  • The total fees quoted are based on the minimum expected period to successfully complete the clusterme.
  • Examination fees vary and subject to change based on its format.
  • The University reserves the right to revise the fees without prior notice.
  • Repeat candidate (regardless the status) will have to pay 100% fee per credit

MPU Courses

Subject Name Credit Hours
Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia 3
Hubungan Etnik 3
Entrepreneurship 3
Health & Wellness 3

University Courses

Subject Name Credit Hours
Learning Skills for Open Distance Learners 3
English for Written Communication 3
English for Oral Communication 3
English for Science and Technical Purposes 3
Professional Ethics 3

Basic Compulsory Courses

Subject Name Credit Hours
Principles of Management 3
Thinking Skills & Problem Solving 3
Basic Concepts of Information Technology 3
Introduction to Communication 3

Basic Compulsory Courses

Subject Name Credit Hours
Educational Psychology 3
Sociology and Philosophy of Education in Malaysia 3
Health and Physical Education 3
Co curriculum Education 3
Introduction to General Linguistics 3
English Phonetics & Phonology 3
Psycholinguistics in Language Teaching 3
Sociolinguistics in Language Teaching 3
Principles and Practice for TESL Methodology 3
Grammar in ESL 3
Teaching of Grammar in ESL 3
Writing in ESL 3
Introduction to Guidance and Counseling 3
Teaching of Writing in ESL 3
Reading in ESL 3
Teaching of Reading in ESL 3
Listening and Speaking in ESL 3
Teaching of Listening and Speaking in ESL 3
Introduction to Drama & Poetry 3
Pedagogical Content Knowledge 3
Teaching of Drama & Poetry in ESL 3
Introduction to Novels & Short Stories 3
English For Specific Purposes 3
Teaching of Novel & Short Stories in ESL 3
Testing and Evaluation in ESL Teachers 3
Practicum 6

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