Doctor of Philosophy (Education)

Programme Synopsis

The multifaceted challenges facing 21st-century education require researchers who can collect and analyse information from a number of academic disciplines — history, psychology, engineering, education, science, and more — and translate these findings into transformative ideas for education policy reform and practice.

The PhD in Education at OUM is an interdisciplinary doctoral program and designed to meet the needs of educators in various positions. The requirements for the PhD programme include completing coursework for two modules; Educational Research Methodology and Doctoral Seminar. Both these modules focus on developing knowledge and expertise in conducting high quality research using quantitative and qualitative methods. Candidates are also required to prepare a research proposal for the Proposal Defence, where both oral and written work will be assessed.

As a Ph.D. candidate, you will enjoy unrestricted access to OUM Digital Library where we have a collection of close to 100,000 e-books and an extensive collection of academic journals.

Our core mission in the PhD programme is to produce scholars who can and will use research to contribute to understanding and improving education. The programme prepares you to become a researcher in the area you are passionate about, guided by the goal of having a transformative impact on education research, policy, and practice. Aligned with the Graduates of the programme are expected to discover exemplary educational practices from their research that will be factored in the advancement in education.

The assessment method for the programme will be based on performance of the output of the two coursework and on successful completion of the dissertation proposal and final thesis.

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Normal Entry

Master’s Degree in Education; OR
Master's degree other than Education and hold a bachelor's degree in Education; OR
Master’s degree other than Education and has a diploma / certificate of teaching; OR
Master’s degree other than Education and at least two (2) years of teaching experience; OR
Other qualifications recognized as equivalent by the Malaysian Government


i. No direct entry from Bachelor's degree to the Doctoral degree programme.
ii. Candidates who have enrolled for a master's degree programme with a minimum CGPA of 3.67 at the Bachelor level may apply to change the registration of studies to the Doctoral Degree programme, subject to the following provisions:
   a) has demonstrated competence and ability to conduct research at the postgraduate level;
   b) obtain approval from the university's senate

* Registration Fee and Matric Card included into 1st semester

Coursework Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Sem 1 RM7800 RM1869 RM1869 RM1869
Sem 2 RM1869 RM1869 RM1869 RM1869
Sem 3 RM1869 RM1869 RM1869 RM1869
Total RM28,359

Discount for Physically Disabled and Senior Citizens

This discount is applicable to:

  • Those who are at the age of
  • 60 - 74 years on the registration date – 75%
  • 75 years and above on the registration date – 100 %,
    Administration fee will be charged (RM350 for Undergraduate & RM500 for Postgraduate)
  • Physically disabled learners or “Orang Kelainan Upaya” (OKU) – 75%

  • Note

    • Minimum payment: RM1000 for Any Postgraduate clustermes
    • The University reserves the right to revise the fees without prior notice.
    • An administrative charges of RM250 per semester is applicable for extension of Masters Project.
    • Financial Options: EPF (account 2), Study Loan from commercial banks, Easy and Flexible Installment Scheme (0% interest) , HRDF Fund.
    • Repeat candidate (regardless the status) will have to pay 100% fee per credit except cash discount for early settlement.
    • Payment Modes: Internet Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, Postal/Money Order.
    • The total fees quoted are based on the minimum expected period to successfully complete the clusterme.

    This programme comprised three parts:

    • Part I - Compulsory Core Courses
    • Part II - Research
    • Part III - Thesis Examination

    Part I: Core Courses
    Subject Name Credit Hours
    Educational Research Methodology 3
    Doctoral Seminar: Research Area in Education 3
    Part II

    After completing the required courses (PART I) learners will begin the research and thesis work (PART II) under the guidance of a supervisor. Each learner will meet the assigned supervisor at least 4 times in a semester and achieve satisfactory progress in the research / thesis work before being allowed to register in the subsequent semester.

    Areas of specialisations in research / thesis:

    • Educational Administration
    • Curriculum and Instructional Design
    • Reseach and Evaluation
    • Educational Technology
    • Educational Sociology
    • Educational Psychology
    • Educational Philosophy
    Part III

    When the learner has completed the thesis and is ready for examination, an examining committee consisting of one internal examiner and one external examiner will be appointed to assess the thesis (PART III). The learner will be examined in the Viva Voce session.

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    Tel (Mobile): 6012 642 6488