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Doctor of Nursing

Programme Synopsis

The Doctor of Nursing is a 4 year coursework and dissertation based program offered via the distance and open learning mode. The program is for nurses to pursue their career pathway in clinical, education and research, while honing their critical and analytical thinking and decision making skills.

This terminal degree for nurses will prepare them for their future challenging roles in healthcare delivery. The program admits registered nurses who already have a Master of Nursing and they will be the future nurse leaders, academicians and researchers, contributing to the efforts of the nation's high income, knowledge based population.

In the clinical area they will be the resource person as well as the experts in their selected field.

Normal Entry

Master of Nursing or equivalent; AND
Registered with Malaysia Nursing Board or equivalent; AND
Possess latest Annual Practice Certificate.

* Registration Fee and Matric Card included into 1st semester

  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Sem 1 RM5100 RM7650 RM2110 RM2110
Sem 2 RM5100 RM7650 RM2110 RM2110
Sem 3 RM5100 RM3400 RM2110 RM2110
Total RM46,660

Discount for Physically Disabled and Senior Citizens

This discount is applicable to:

  • Those who are at the age of
  • 60 - 74 years on the registration date – 75%
  • 75 years and above on the registration date – 100 %,
    Administration fee will be charged (RM350 for Undergraduate & RM500 for Postgraduate)
  • Physically disabled learners or “Orang Kelainan Upaya” (OKU) – 75%


  • Minimum payment: RM1000 for Any Postgraduate clustermes
  • The University reserves the right to revise the fees without prior notice.
  • An administrative charges of RM250 per semester is applicable for extension of Masters Project.
  • Financial Options: EPF (account 2), Study Loan from commercial banks, Easy and Flexible Installment Scheme (0% interest) , HRDF Fund.
  • Repeat candidate (regardless the status) will have to pay 100% fee per credit except cash discount for early settlement.
  • Payment Modes: Internet Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, Postal/Money Order.
  • The total fees quoted are based on the minimum expected period to successfully complete the clusterme.

The program is offered in 12 semesters (4 years) with a total of 80 credits and 13 structured courses. The assessment is both continuous evaluation and a final examination. The final course is dissertation where the students will be able to select an area of study relevant to their previous background and experience where they will be expected to apply the research and statistical knowledge learned.


Subject Name

Credit Hours

Philosophy of Science


Technical Academic Writing


Qualitative Research Methods in Business Administration


Policy and Politics in Nursing


Evaluation And Health Outcomes Research


Health Economics


Applied Statistics


Equality and Diversity in Health Care


Quantitative Research Methods


Nursing Informatics


Risk Management


Law and Ethics in Nursing


Concept paper






  Name: Prof. Dr. Faridah Hashim
Tel (Office): 603-7954 0494
Tel (Mobile): 6012-220 2855
Email: faridah_hashim@oum.edu.my